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Vanguard – 7-piece Polyhedral Dice Set

Vanguard – 7-piece Polyhedral Dice Set

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House Vanguard

colors: crimson red and black
animal: drake

I added gold leaf and inked this set in 18kt gold to represent their pride and status as they tend to strive for the finer things in life. Vanguards master powerful offense magics and elemental summons to be experts in combat. this set has a deep red mica shrouded in darkness with gold leaf floating alongside. gloss finish.

Comes with either standard "20" faced d20 or logo d20. Please select on the left. JUMBO sets are larger than the standard sized sets in that each die is roughly 2mm larger. all JUMBO sets come with a logo d20 and a shard alt-shaped d4 instead of the caltrop shape that comes with standard sized sets.

Please know that every set from Spellbound is completely handmade by me. The nature of handmade items means that they will not be perfect, and may have a few nicks or scratches, but I do everything in my power to make these dice with as few flaws as possible. I will document and most likely price cut any dice that have notable flaws. Also note that many designs are made in small batches at the same time. This means that while these designs will be made with the exact same proportions and colors, their distribution of glitter, colored resin, and colorshift may vary from set to set. 

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