here you can find answers to many questions that you may have about spellbound dice!


1. How much do your sets normally sell for?

I adjust my prices based on how I see fit for each sale and specifically for each set of dice. Generally, my dice sets sell for around $125 and $30 for d20s. I will raise or lower prices based on quality and difficulty of each set. 

2. When will the next sale be?

I have sales about once a month, usually at the end of the month or the very beginning of the month. These dates are subject to change, but I strive to update as often as I possibly can. I'm just a one-woman show!

3. How do restocks normally work?

So for all of my sales, I will post updates about restock dates on my instagram, my website, and I'll send out a newsletter to those who have signed up for my email list. Several days before my restock I will have the dice sets and d20s available up on my website for browsing prices and photos for quality. Roughly an hour and 30 minutes before the time of my restock, I will password protect my website so that only I can view it while I update quantities of each set. Patrons on Patreon get in an hour early to shop. Become a patron today to join early access for the next sale! At the listed time of my sale, I will reopen my website and the dice will all be up for grabs! However, my sales have historically sold out relatively quickly, so I would advise that you sign up for an account on my website before the sale time, and have your payment method (whether that be PayPal or credit card) saved on your browser for a speedy check out. I would also advise those who are potentially looking at multiple sets of dice to check out with the one they most desire, and then go back for any others that they may be wanting. I would hate for them to miss out on all the dice they're wanting because someone else checked out with the dice faster! With this said, I have no authority over who checks out at what time and what is in various carts, and can not hold any dice for anyone. 

4. How much is shipping?

I usually have free shipping within the US for dice purchases over $50. Purchases under that amount will vary based on weight and shipping distance, but is not usually much more than $4 for addresses within the US. International shipping is usually anywhere from $11-$15 depending on distance from the US regardless of the purchase price. Candle sales will always have shipping that will vary depending on number of candles and weight.

5. Will you be selling more of [x] design?

I make many new designs every month as I enjoy experimenting with new materials and colors. I like to remake designs if I have the necessary supplies available and the design has been requested. However, with this in mind, some designs are very difficult to replicate, and even with my best efforts, they may not turn out exactly like a previous set of the same design (resin is such an unpredictable medium!) This means that if you see a set that you like, there is no guarantee that it will be made again, or made in exactly the same way! 

6. Do you take commissions?

While I have taken commissions in the past, I will not be taking new ones for the time being. :( This is for personal reasons as I spend most of my time working on my restock every month and adding commissions is a very slow process–I do not enjoy making you all wait too long for your lovely dice! In the future I may add a few commission slots so that I can work on very few at a time or a wait list that may be slower-moving as I go down the list. 

7. Do you sell your molds?

Unfortunately, I do not. This is because I have had my masters designed specifically for Spellbound with my own chosen font and custom logo printed on the logo d20s. Because of this, I am unable to sell molds made from these masters. However, in the future I may be able to make molds from my old masters that are not specific to Spellbound any longer. I will announce any changes on my website and on instagram!

8. What is your return/refund policy? 

All sales are final. If your item is damaged in transit, please email me to see if there is anything that I may be able to do for you. Additionally, if an international order gets lost in the mail, please email me and we can file an insurance claim on the parcel together!


I will be adding more questions and answers to this when I receive more!