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Serôs Experimental – 6 & 7-piece Polyhedral Dice Set

Serôs Experimental – 6 & 7-piece Polyhedral Dice Set

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This set of Serôs was made from bright blue resin mixed with gold-blue color-shifting glitter that blends to an ethereal green with iridescent paper within that reflects back blue and green flashes of light as well as silver metal flake. Inked in silver.

One of these sets is missing the d10 (but still has a d%) and is therefore a 6-piece set.

*NOTE* This set is marked as "experimental" because it was made with a lighter shade of of blue and green than the original design of Serôs. Additionally, the color-shifting glitter in this set is more golden yellow and green than the bright blue of the original design. They look very similar but this one generally is lighter and has more yellow undertones than blue. 

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