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Arcadia – 7-piece Polyhedral Dice Set

Arcadia – 7-piece Polyhedral Dice Set

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Arcadia is a color-shifting blue to black to green set that also has flashes of beautiful metallic red, yellow, and orange. Due to the nature of the metallic additions to this set, minimal sanding was required to maintain the integrity of the design while also making this set suitable for rolling in your D&D session! This means that there are a few faces that have less metallic shine than others because they required sanding. This also means that some faces had very minor flaws that were unable to be repaired because they have been deemed minor and would leave rolling unaffected. Please note the small bubbles on the 1 face of the d6 and some flashing texture on the corner of the 3 face of the d8 as these are examples of the expected marks. 



"you follow the road until you come across a thriving village. here there are shops bustling with customers coming in and out, taverns with roaring hearths and the smell of tonight’s feast pouring from inside. among the crunching leaves beneath your feet, you also hear the sound of a lute playing from within. you grab an ale and sit beside the musician, listening to the intoxicating tune and the tales of his travels. hopefully, this melody never ends."
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