Wyvernott Info.

Wyvernott School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

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Allow me to introduce you to Wyvernott, a school in an undisclosed location that teaches young wizards and witches. This school could be considered similar to its famous counterpart, Hogwarts, but it is different. In this school, there are actually 6 houses that students can be sorted into. When you arrive at Wyvernott, you will encounter a brief test with the Enternal Flame that will look deep into your mind and soul and determine what types of magic you'd be most compatible with or like to pursue during your time here. You'll be sorted into one of six houses:

House Pendragon
represented by
colors: forest green and copper
animal: owlbear

The house for those that are passionate about having extensive knowledge regarding all flora of the universe and their uses. You will use this knowledge to excel in the study of potion-making, wandlore, and alchemy, as well as chemical remedies. You more than likely are a nurturing spirit that values caretaking and tranquility and admonishes those with impulsive, wreckless traits. You might enjoy being alone to study but appreciate the visit from a close friend. 

House Duskrite

represented by
colors: deep purple and golden yellow
animal: mayura/peacock

The house for those who are interested in studying the stars and divining the future. In Duskrite, you will learn illusion magics, divination techniques, and even be able to fiddle with the fabric of time through chronomancy. You get along well with almost everyone as you see them for their spirit and space in time, and not for their earthly flaws. You are curious as to the meaning of existence and why things happen the way they do. You more than likely have a disdain for skeptics and the close-minded.

House Vanguard

represented by
colors: crimson red and black
animal: drake

The house for those that seek power. In Vanguard, you will be an unstoppable force as you study the history of magic, master powerful offensive magics, and even be able to harness the power of elemental summons. You will use this knowledge to also study defense against dark magics. You value strength and power above all. You are always pushing yourself to be better, smarter, faster, than yesterday. You love being around many people and dislike being alone. You also probably dislike those that display cowardice, caution, or are cold to others.

House Hemhardt
represented by
colors: navy blue and baby blue
animal: giant tortoise

The house for those that protect. In Hemhardt, you will be an impenetrable shield for yourself and those you chose. You will study charms and enchantments that can defend against the most powerful spells, and even ward off other's magic entirely. You will also learn the magic of healing and restoration, study runes and their many uses, as well as the intriguing art of transfiguration. You are a slow and calculated being. You value having lots of friends, or even a close few, and love very passionately. The thing you fear the most is losing those that you hold most dear. You more than likely dislike those that are impulsive, selfish, or brash.

House Feralfoe
represented by
colors: mauve and dark-stained leather
animal: dire wolf

The house for those that feel most at home with animals and creatures. This house extensively studies the fauna of the universe and can summon beastkin in combat and as familiars. You will be surrounded by exotic and familiar creatures of the world as you study care for magical creatures, summon magics, transfiguration, as well as ancient rune studies and mythology of ancient creatures. Those in this house probably prefer to be in the presence of animals/creatures, but do not necessarily dislike humans. It just seems as though many do not understand you, so you feel more at "home" with your familiar. You are a very emotionally intelligent person that loves excitement and adventure. You probably dislike those that mistreat animals, are judgmental, or are unwilling to try new things.

House Millimort
represented by
colors: black and ivory
animal: thestral

The house for those that want to study history through those that are in 'the beyond'. Millimort is for those who value the darker themes in life and are comfortable with death. This house utilizes divination techniques through communion with spirits and the undead. You will extensively study flora as you will use them for ritual magic and potion-making and poison-making. You will also study illusion magic and the history of magic as you study necromancy and get a cursory understanding of dark magic, (as to stop it... of course...). You probably do not like too much socialization. You much prefer to converse with ghosts of history, studying their knowledge. You value wisdom and patience, and get along least with those who are extroverted and impulsive.

Of course, even as you are placed into your house, you are not limited to exclusively these classes. Though there is a requirement for foundational level courses per each house, students are free to study whatever classes they choose as they progress in their years, even combining many types of magic. Houses are for grouping up students as a family based on their similarities and placing them into environments where they may excel, but are not an exclusive club. Wyvernott is a place for learning as we enter the magical world full of opportunities.